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What kind of car seat

Now, car seat is not to but a handicraft art sits comfortably warm when using, so to buy car seat cushionmust be careful

Recommend a good-looking and affordable car cushion

A summer species, car seat and purchase

The summer inside heat hard, in addition to open air-conditioned car, car explosion-proof membrane affixed to the outside, the car seat for the cool cushion is one of the good ways to cool. Water leather, linen, silk, bamboo and other types of common car cushion material.

1, VEKA.

VEKA is a polymer material, belonging to the fiber. Wei Kasi fiber has a dry and comfortable: able to sweat,moisture fast absorption; smooth and soft: fiber structure can provide the fabric with a soft fabric, make clothsmooth, reduce skin irritation; fast suction speed dry:forming a trench structure fiber specific, can absorb sweat more quickly than other general fiber such as polyester fiber, and diffusion discharge, so as to keep dryand cool; good mechanical properties: high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistant performance is good;good dyeing: color novel, loading high-gradecomfortable!

2, ice silk cushion

Ice silk cushion made of natural cotton paper from the scientific process, with good air permeability, sweat,automatic humidity, sunshine warming up slowly and so on. In addition, there is mold, mothproof, anti static, no radiation, brilliant color and other characteristics. Summer ice silk cushion has the effect to get instant results, sat a few seconds can feel cool and comfortable effect. It has very good health care effect, the product not only has thecooling, prevent and even reduce heat, but also have a good auxiliary effect on long-term driving fatigue. Toeliminate fatigue, a clear leader, focus on the good results.

Buy: to distinguish the ice silk or polyester orpolypropylene fiber is the most simple methodcombustion method, namely material with the fire, if the burning smell is similar to burning taste, then have the ashes, that is ice. If there is a bad or pungent,combustion form lumps are other materials. There is ice appearance is very smooth, brightness is high.Therefore, in accordance with article two above is the basic can be judged for the ice.

3, linen cushion

Flax cushion adopts natural flax fiber as the main raw material, product fine texture, elegant, natural green,fresh and comfortable, breathable, cool insulation,insulation, anti-static, fashion, environmental protection,not sticky with dust and other microorganisms and other notable features, and room temperature can cause the body chamber temperature decreased 4-8 ℃, it is known as the “natural air conditioner”.

Buy: first of all should pay attention to in the design ofline joint, they should usually be hidden in the back cushion; secondly, have a look whether the pattern is symmetrical, chromatic aberration. Flax cushion authenticity can touch and see to distinguish: Generally speaking, linen cushion than cotton cushion; flax intensity than cotton, feel than cotton hard; in the sun starts to feellinen cushion, can feel the temperature dropped to 3 ~ 5 degrees Celsius; linen cushion is shiny. In addition, but also through the fire to discern, linen yarn by after the fire is tasteless, and eventually into lime.

4, the jade cushion

Jade cushion made of jade diamonds and natural ice silk hand woven, noble and elegant, fine workmanship, withrefreshing eye-catching, many kinds of human bodyhealth care function, cool and comfortable. But this cushion when cold cold, but when the weather will also heat absorption, if the car long time in the sun park, the seat cushion can become very hot; and long time open air conditioning, this seat will be very cold.

5, bamboo or grass cushion

Traditional bamboo and straw cushion, especially bamboo mat, is the biggest advantage of fast cool. The cushion is characterized by cheap and affordable, so that the owner to buy cool cushion good choice of bamboo and straw cushion, but the service life is generally not more than two years.

6, cushion

Using water leather automobile cushion has a cool,breathable, antibacterial characteristics. Buffalo leather is divided into two kinds, one kind is the two layer of leather,leather synthetic leather is smashed or cattle is not goodskin stitching up skin, this skin, thick, grain is processed,feels more smooth, do not see the pores, basically to punch in the majority, there is various patterns of light,the little. There is a head layer skin, is the best site to cattle skin, skin texture, and pores, head layer skin feels particularly good, softness is better than the two layer of skin, the first layer of skin has a punch and plate two.

Buy: mainly depends on the material, when the choose and buy in addition, leather in the light, will be hot, other material cushion general under light, heat slowly.

And the purchase of two, winter car cushion type

In the winter, both the linen cushion or seat, can not stopthe slightest chill, choose warm and fashionable car cushion is necessary. Winter car seat according to material is usually divided wool, wool cushion cushion.

Artificial wool, chemical fiber materials such as making use of wool cushion, easy to produce static electricity, the figure is not strong and so on the lower grades, because the price is low, many economy car choose such a cushion.

In the high-grade car cushion are mostly pure wool, wool,and some are made of animal fur. Pure wool cushion,also called Yang Jianrong cushion, is characterized by good feeling, not easy to lose hair, Mo Shangqu hairy,looks for the warm and comfortable feeling. While the Australian wool products was considered

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