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The importance of car seat

Buy a good car cushion crucial to have avoided this purchase, when you have in your life – a new baby car seat is an important safety equipment. In fact, you can’ttake your baby home from the hospital, if you don’t own a car seat (unless you intend to ride the subway or train).Car seat is to protect your infants and older children from harm. Keep your child in a car’s limit, so that you can keep your eyes on the road, these devices will also come in handy. There are many types of car seats, each design is applied to a specific weight and height range.Most likely, you will buy a baby car seat and then when your children more than 20 pounds, you graduate, you big car seat


Easy installation: a recent study shows that, more than80% of the car seat is not properly installed. Avoidstatistics, to find a model, you can feel about using safetyand confidence. With the local fire department or thevehicle management (check, DMV in New York, there is a great website), installation instructions and safety guidelines.

The convertible seat: if you buy a baby only seat, you have to buy the rear or toward the front of the seat back.Convertible car seat is universal and the longest.However, they do not offer you the ability to easily and the seat of the baby. This is correct, you may want to wake a sleeping baby.

Latch: since 2002, all car seats equipped with tether system known as the latch (lower anchors and tethers for children). The system is designed to reduce the correct installation of car seat, maximize safety risk. But for the safety belt, are required for installation.

Easy to release the latch and belt buckle: belt buckle from the front, not to be easily adjusted.

Scrub resistance: look for a detachable, car seat covercan wash it makes convenient for cleaning the inevitablecar up.

Comfort: there should be a padding around the seat andextra baby appropriate head and neck support (you can also buy a head stabilization). Padded strap is also a verygood function.


Although all of the car seat to meet the safety requirements of the government, with some additional reward function, you may want to consider to maximizeyour child’s safety.

5 point safety belt: usually give the most appropriate, and reduce the risk of ejection. Your child is fixed on the twoshoulders, hips and legs.

Wide, twisted rope: inhibition of the maximum area of children.

Head impact protection: thickening of the “wings” or additional layer of EPS foam around the baby’s head can improve the collision safety, especially in the side impact accident.

Safety tips

The baby must sit half inclined, at a 45 degree angle.

Avoid the use of car seats. The old seat, seat over the age of 6, unexpected seats will be effective in case of breakdown.

Keep your baby comfortable as long as possible for the rear safety mirror can be your children, and keep an eyeon this position.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and readthe owner’s manual installation tips.

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