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Ice silk cushion of automobile

Ice is from natural cotton paper from the scientific process, with good ventilation performance, automatic humidity, sunshine warming up slowly and so on. Ice cool pad use feeling with flax Liangdian is very similar, just feel more soft, color is very elegant. Ice and mildew, pest control, anti static, no radiation effect.

“Ice” is a knitted apparel fabrics, which is composed of 70% and 30% nylon viscose filament yarn and twisting asby hand. After weaving, wet processing, so that it has athermoplastic polyamide component to produce a sharp contraction, the viscose fully exposed on the surface, so that the internal hydrophobic, with a hydrophilic exterior.The yarn woven into goods, with a cool, so called “ice”.Ice is also called artificial silk. The viscose filament.Fibers in several mainstream. Ice silk moisture human skin physiology. With smooth cool. Air. Antistatic. Brilliant color and other characteristics. Of course, summer is hot,you can not resist any temperature of the sun.

Summer is the hottest period of the year, of which both the dry hot inland areas and coastal areas, the hot and humid. In such weather, for you to have a cool feeling inthe car, we introduce a cooling, anti prickly heat reduce pathogenic fire, alleviate long-term driving fatigue, a clear leader car ice silk cushion for you. In order to use persistent please maintenance cleaning, storagemoisture-proof, Yang direct sunlight.

Car ice silk cushion is currently one of the largestdomestic share car decoration products, all need itanywhere in the world, is currently in the bull marketquickly occupied the summer. Car ice silk cushion mainlyin hot summer to give the customer the most cool feeling,avoid bottom siltation of the sweat soaked clothes anddiscomfort caused by the. And the product has the advantages of convenient installation, do not use anyenergy, natural pollution-free, service life can reach 5 to 10 years, all the preparation process, are currently the most popular market hand knitting, have good value to the collection.

Ice (VEKA, silk and hemp) fabric smooth handle, elasticsoft, rich three-dimensional feeling, comfortable and pleasant, heat absorption and heat quickly, antivirus,pest control, anti friction effect. The use of silk fiber carice silk cushion can make you feel cool feeling to get instant results. Flax fiber is a kind of natural fiber is rare,in cotton, wool, hemp, silk four kinds of natural fiberaccounted for only about 1%, in the global total, because of rare excellent characteristics, known as “fiber queen”.Flax has strong, supple, fiber strength, in the water is not easy to rot and waterproof effect, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, heat, dust rate is low, flame retardant, no static electricity, no pollution of acid and alkali resistance of unique advantages, the use of flaxfiber flax car seat cushion to make human body under the normal temperature is interested temperature drop.

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