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Corporate Culture


At Zhejiang Tianmei, we firmly believe that business success originates from our competent yet passionate employees. Since the inception of the company in 1992, each employee has been dedicated to the growth of the company and being a part of our successful history. The leadership team addresses new challenges with a positive, proactive attitude. Sharing of best practices is always encouraged in the company. Such unique enterprise culture lays a solid foundation for our ongoing success.

We believe that the long-term sustainability and progress of a company rely on the growth and development of employees in the organization. Toward this goal a proactive culture was deliberately implemented through systematic training of employees to maximize their professional competence and positive attitude. Such culture is fully reflected in the legendary success stories of our corporate leaders.

Proactive culture

Proactive attitude reflects the corporate culture of Zhejiang Tiamei. It is rooted from entrepreneurial thinking, creation and problem solving.

Proactive leaders

Zhejiang Tianmei fosters creativity, innovation and open communication among employees.

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