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Car cushion note: a look at two out of three smell

Buy cashmere cushion to see, touch, smell and two three

Mr. Li has many years of automotive supplies sales experience teach you tips to easily identify the cashmere cushion.

Look, the quality of cashmere cushion coat color gloss bright pastel, cashmere is not easy to fall off, inferior cashmere bleaker, easy to fade; see cushion splicing,generally speaking, splicing fewer cashmere cushion quality better, no differences in color. Two touch, soft hand feeling quality cashmere cushions, cushion production is quite thick, usable hand is separated from the cushion splicing sites of cashmere, view the splice is firmly, whether obvious seams. Three smell, high quality cashmere cushion sterilization temperature is good, fresh and natural, without any smell, some small factories for the production of cashmere cushions can smell.

In addition, to remind the owners in the purchase of a cushion, a cushion and a carefully check whether compact body.

How to clean the car cushion

Cashmere cushion in daily use how to clean? The reporter interviewed coke master professional car seat cleaning years. According to Mr. Jiao, cashmere cushion preferably separate cleaning, so as not to be stained, if the cushion is not dirty, available water and against the flexible detergent wipe. “If the cushion dirty words, had better send it to the cleaners cleaning professional.”Coke master reminded the public, do not use a washing machine wash cashmere cushions, cushion, shrink to avoid deformation. “The more the number of washingcashmere cushion is not good.” Coke said the master,pay attention to in daily use, to extend service life and quality of cushion. He suggested the car owners, the cushion is not best placed in ventilated and dry place, not long-term folding

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